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Gulmarg Blog

We woke up at around 9 am in the morning. The weather was pleasant. After waking up, we stood on the balcony of the boathouse for a little while to enjoy the weather. Moreover, we were in a boat house, and in front of us, there was all water. It was really a good morning, different from all the other mornings I have seen in my lifetime. So, as we were enjoying ourselves, one seller of artificial jewels came to us to show us the items. We bought some artificial jewels from him for our family. You should bargain, otherwise you will have to pay a lot. But in my opinion, instead of buying it from them, buy it from the local market and you will save your money.

After purchasing things from that seller, we get ready to explore Kashmir. At the boat house, we decided that today we were going to explore Gulmarg. Our boat house manager has told us that at Batamloo we can easily get a shared taxi and that we can save some money. So, after eating a little breakfast, we took a bus to reach Batamloo. On the bus, we were introduced to two tourists who were also going to Gulmarg. We then took a shared taxi, which cost around 3,000. There were six of us, 500 per person. So, if you are travelling by road, you can reach Gulmarg in approx. 2 hours. The distance from Dal Gate to Gulmarg is around 50 km. If you want to know more about Gulmarg, click here. We then reach Tanmarg, the beginning point of Gulmarg. There we had our breakfast. Finally, we reach Gulmarg. more beautiful than we have heard.

So, we have reached Gulmarg, and now the fun begins. We have all heard a lot about Gulmarg and the snow activities at Gulmarg. So, we decided to do some. We all agreed upon the sledge ride, which cost us around 1000 per person. This was the bargain price. You have to bargain if you want this ride at this price. A sledge was basically a wooden block which was pulled by the person handling it on snow and on which the rider could sit.

Then they took us to St. Mary’s Church, where we took some pictures. After that, we enjoyed skiing, which cost us around 200 per person. Skiing was difficult as balancing on snow was not a simple task. We have some pictures there also. After that, we visited the Rani Temple, and it was snowing a lot there. I have never seen such a snowfall in my life. There was a heavy snowfall. We spent a little time there, and we got some pictures.