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Kashmir Blog

Our first day starts with our train journey. So basically, we have booked our train from Chandigarh to Jammu Tawi. And our train departure time from Chandigarh is 10 pm and the time of arrival at Jammu Tawi Station is 4:40 am. All packed up, we reached the railway station on time and also reached Jammu Tawi Railway Station on time. After reaching the railway station, we head towards the bus stand to hire a taxi or bus. When we arrive, we take a shared taxi from Jammu to Srinagar. The taxi cost us around Rs. 1100 per person.

You can bargain more. We agreed because we didn’t know when to get another taxi and also because we were a little bit exhausted. But we were also excited that, finally, we were going to Kashmir (the paradise on Earth). We slept in the taxi as we were a little tired and also because it was a long journey. But we don’t know that it will take more hours to reach Srinagar than we were expecting because of unfortunate events that were going to happen. Firstly, the traffic jam, then the tyre puncture. These two events cost us more time to reach Srinagar. We all (me and my four friends) were exhausted. But, that’s okay, soon we will be in Kashmir. This was nothing in front of Kasmir.

When we are close to Srinagar, the beauty of Kashmir is in front of our eyes. We thought if this is the beginning, then a lot is coming.

Finally, we reach Srinagar. I would definitely say that I can’t even believe that I am in Srinagar. But, yes, we are finally in Kashmir. The trip that we have been planning for a long time has started. The taxi driver drops us in front of Dal Gate No. 1 at Dal Lake, Srinagar.

From there, we approached the Shikara owner and told him to show us a boat house because we had decided to stay in a boat house. Then the Shikara (boat) owner took us to a boat house named Nightingale. He already told us that he was going to show us different boats till we selected one. But the irony is that the first boat that we saw liked it and booked it. The boat house cost us around 1500 per night. We booked it for 2 days. In the boat house, there were three rooms; one dining room, and one living room. And there was no one else staying in that boat house. It’s like we got this whole boat house at 1500 per night. The advantage is that there is no one who is going to disturb us. So, after getting freshened up, we go outside the lake to have dinner. One more thing: pick up and drop off are included when you book a boat house.

There are a lot of restaurants in front of the lake. We ate at one of the restaurants that we thought was good, but I would say that the food was good but the price was high. Also, the quantity was less. It cost us around 850. After that, we call the boat house manager to pick us up from Gate No. 1. He then turns around and drops us at the boat house. After reaching, we talk a little bit and then sleep. This was the end of our day 1. Not that much great, as we have only traveled.

But, we don’t know how much excitement and fun the coming days will bring us. I will share each and every experience, and I hope you all enjoy them.